Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Raspberry Ketone – Should We Believe The Hype?

Raspberry Ketone promises an easier way to lose weight but in reality, you get more than that because raspberry ketone makes for an effective weight loss program that lets you be a better and healthier version of yourself.  It is definitely alright to be skeptical and make serious inquiries before you invest your hard earned cash and your emotions on a new idea. And like all ideas, there will be endorsers and oppositions and it will always be up to each individual make a decision who to believe.
As for raspberry ketone, what do we know as proof of its weight loss properties? Who says it works? And who says it does not and goes on to add that it is a complete waste of time? So, let’s weigh in all the facts and hopefully come to a decision.
            Fact 1: Raspberry Ketone is backed by two studies in mice, according to the studies they were promising and recommends further clinical studies.  In both studies, the mice that were given RK supplements   lost weight despite a high-fat daily diet.
            Skeptics say that mice studies are inconclusive because humans may react differently.  The truth is that mice and the human genome is 85% similar.  This is why we use them to test for antibiotics and other crucial life-saving medicines.  If mice studies does not have any value, then we should have skipped that process altogether.
            Fact 2: Raspberry Ketone was endorsed by well-known health and wellness advocate Dr. Oz in his show and was recommended by fitness expert Lisa Lynn.  Dr. Oz, being a medical doctor and has extensive knowledge of the human body.  Lisa Lynn has years of experience and knowledge in the fitness field that allows her to recommend what does and does not work.  Skeptics question the authority of these two well-known and respected people in their fields, but who would you rather believe?
            The truth is that the fact that raspberry ketone is even endorsed and recommended suggests that the raspberry ketone supplement is worth a try.  The theory is sound and it is far better than taking prescription drugs for the treatment of obesity which are known to have side effects that mess up your digestive system and prevents you from enjoying life while you lose weight and may cause liver damage and colon cancer.
            Weight loss is not the main goal, it is to be able to have a chance at a healthy lifestyle. Raspberry Ketone lets you lose significant body fat so that you can feel healthy and strong and BE healthy and strong. 

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