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Saffron Supplements – Nutrient Packed supplement for Losing Weight

Saffron Supplements – Nutrient Packed supplement for Losing Weight

Saffron has been a popular and well traded spice for three centuries. It has been used as seasoning, as a fragrance, a fabric and cosmetic dye and as medicinal remedy for certain ailments. Its capacity to help weight loss management has only been recently discovered but it is quite timely.
Saffron is rich in a number of nutrients and while only used in recipes as spice, it adds to the nutritional value of the food being prepared and served.  The following is a list of nutrients and its value per 100 grams of Saffron.
Nutrient                          Nutrient Value                                Percentage of RDA
Energy                               310 Kcal                                                15.5%
Carbohydrates                   65.37 g                                                      50%
Protein                               11.43g                                                       21%
Total Fat                            5.85g                                                        29%
Dietary Fiber                      3.9g                                                         10%
Folates                               93µg                                                        23%
Niacin                                1.46mg                                                      9%
Pyridoxine                          1.010mg                                                  77%
Riboflavin                           0.267mg                                                 20%
Vitamin A                           530 IU                                                   18%
Vitamin C                           80.8mg                                                 135%
Sodium                               148mg                                                   10%
Potassium                           1724mg                                                  37%
Calcium                              111mg                                                    11%
Copper                              .328mg                                                    37%
Iron                                   11.10mg                                                 139%
Magnesium                        264 mg                                                    66%
Manganese                        28.408mg                                            1235%
Phosphorus                        252mg                                                   36%
Selenium                            5.6µg                                                     10%
Zinc                                  1.09 mg                                                  10%
For a spice, saffron sure packs a lot of health benefits.  As for the weight loss benefit in the list, the credit goes to potassium. Potassium helps build muscles in our body, thus making us stronger and more receptive to vigorous activities such as working out or doing normal house chores.  If you are already in a weight loss program that includes exercise, you’ll have more energy and sustainability to complete daily work-outs. Additionally, potassium is a mineral that regulates the sodium in our body.  It is estimated that Australians consume double the amount of sodium recommended daily.

Saffron also contains safranal which is known to have anti-depressant properties according to a study done in 2004. Another study in 2010, saffron extract was also tested on mildly overweight individuals to determine whether it has the capacity to suppress compulsive or stress eating.  The results were significant at 84% decrease in cravings for patients who took them. The placebo group had a decrease of only 54%.
Saffron’s recommended dosage of 88.25mg is enough to keep the appetite at a minimum and cravings for carbohydrate rich foods are kept low.  Saffron  8825 is an Australian made saffron extract that is guaranteed to contain all the benefits of saffron.  Daily dosage increases over-all feeling of wellness, normal appetite and increased energy levels in order to perform activities that promote metabolism (fat-burning activities).

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