Monday, May 20, 2013

African Mango Supplement Scams


Health trends and weight loss fads come up every day as the number of overweight and obese population increase.  This is not surprising since we are presented with high priced healthy organic food and the proliferation of cheap energy packed processed foods which line the shelves at the supermarket. Add the rise of fast food chains in every street corner and it seems we are all doomed to have a butterball figured future.

People clamor for what is fast, easy and done in a jiffy.  That is how they see the weight loss process too and will try anything with fast, easy and “miracle” on the label. So hello scammer’s world! 
But then, not all weight loss diet trends are questionable; in fact some are backed up by research and sound clinical studies.

 There is no doubt that the actual African Mango extract works when it comes to weight management. Read this article or do your own research and look for published studies from medical journals. Yes, there is scientific proof that African Mango works.
 This is also why the African Mango supplement is popular and scammer use the popularity of the health product to get credit card details and solicit a sneaky payment scheme.  We just need to be diligent and be aware of the warning signs!  Here are some of them:

  1. Free African Mango Supplement Samples – Always be cautious when you are offered free sample, especially those who ask for your credit card details.  You may find yourself signed up for a monthly supply without your knowledge.  This does not mean the product is a fake however.

  1. African Mango Supplements offered at an extremely low price – basically the same scheme as the free sample scam, you end up paying for supplements you were not aware you signed up for and at a higher price!

  1. Fake Content – These are usually priced at a lower rate and are usually from China.  It is safer to buy from a US or Australian Manufacturer.  Fake African Mango Supplements are thought to have mango fruit scent, the real one does not smell like anything.

  1. Scammers take advantage of the lack of information about these products and make outrageous claims regarding its potency and possible additional health benefits.  Many companies that are exaggerating its claims, this is why research is important.

All the research should eventually direct you to a trusted brand or supplier. There are normally a handful of trusted suppliers available on the market that has a large amount of loyal customers. This is a good indication that the company is not a scam.

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