Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Losing Weight with African Mango Diet

Weight loss supplements have become quite the fad and it is getting difficult to keep track. Nonetheless, only a few prove to be effective. African mango is one of the more popular supplements today and endorsed by the celebrity Dr. Oz. What makes it different from the rest? It is in the research and documentation that was done by the University of Yaoundé that the African Mango does indeed have the elements that are effective for weight loss.

What is an African Mango Diet?

Considering that the diet of the average person is somewhere between 1800 to 2400, the subjects were on a 1800 calorie diet,  The obese individuals who were given African mango did not go in any special diet or exercise neither did the placebo group. After 10 weeks, those that were in the African Mango Diet (1800 calories + African Mango supplement) lost 28 pounds, while the placebo group lost an average of 1 pound. It is clear that to achieve better health and to be in better shape, the African Mango diet is recommended. It is basically with eating the right foods that are healthy for you plus a recommended dose of African Mango Supplements. It is also important to exercise and do physical activities to get the best results.

How to Buy African Mango

The African Mango Supplement is an extract from the seed of the African mango otherwise known as dikka fruit, wild mango or Irvingia Gabonensis. It is important to purchase the African mango supplement with the highest extract content. Always make it a habit to read brand labels to know exactly what you are getting. Stay away from supplements that have vague ingredient lists and uses the term ‘selected blends’.
One of the possible reasons why there are some people who are not seeing positive results with this is because they may be using a low quality supplement or a product that contains fillers which makes it ineffective.

To make the best out of your African Mango weight loss program, here are a few reminders:

·         Make sure you purchase from a reliable supplier, it is best to buy from a local supplier.
·         Check labels and make sure the ingredients are all listed.
·         Be conscious of what you eat.  Just because you are taking a weight loss supplement does not mean you can eat more fatty and sugary food.
·         Exercise.  African Mango Supplements help you lose weight and fight obesity, make sure you do your part too.

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