Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shed the Extra Pounds with Green Coffee Bean Extract

The extra pounds mean higher risk of contracting health problems.  While there are people who are deemed over-weight or have a higher BMI and yet do not have any form of ailment, studies reveal that the complications arrive as the body ages. Drinking coffee lowers the risk of having heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease; it cannot guarantee 100 % lowered risk.   But keeping or aiming for a healthy weight lowers the risk even more and coffee may still hold the answer, just not in the cup from. 

Green coffee bean is just raw or unroasted coffee and its weight loss wonder lies in the fact that it is not processed through roasting in high temperatures.  Green coffee bean is rich in chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant and the minerals magnesium and chromium along with caffeine of course.

Antioxidants prevent oxidation of other molecules.  Oxidation is not a good thing because it causes free radicals that cause damage to the cells or even its death. Cell death and damage leads to our bodies being unable to function well.  The antioxidants present in green coffee beans help keep our bodies functioning well by slowing down the release of dietary sugar into our blood stream. 

The modern day diet consists of processed food packed with carbohydrates and sugars. And for most modern day people, these are the kind of food that is available to them.  Home cooked meals are more likely to be healthier but for most of us, this is not a luxury we can afford.  Fast food and microwave dinners are usually the norm and it all screams “unhealthy” no matter what the advertisement say.  However, by taking a recommended dose of green coffee bean extract every day, the risk of those harmful amounts of dietary sugars are not absorbed by the body and is just expelled without being processed. There is less sugar (glucose) in the blood and less sugar turned into stored body fat.

Magnesium and Chromium in the green coffee beans further help with the processing of the sugar and insulin functions.  This is great for people with Type 2 diabetes because their insulin functions are impaired.

Caffeine is a great mood booster and usually, people with a happier mindset are less likely to over eat.  Stress brings certain people to crave for fat filled and sugar rich foods.  Caffeine in the system keeps the stress levels in check and keeps the cravings at bay.

Green coffee beans have all the ingredients that help you shed the extra pounds naturally. 

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