Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Raspberry Ketone - The Benefits

Want to shed more pounds with only half the effort?  Now you can! 
There are people who are  blessed with bodies that have a metabolism that respond well to exercise and dieting while there are people who need a rigorous regimen in order to lose as little as pounds in a month.  Raspberry ketone supplements are believed to even those odds by allowing the body increase its fat burning pace.
There are existing animal studies showing that raspberry ketones possess do have fat-burning properties.  This weight loss property is similar to Capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers that increase metabolism, which means it speeds up weight loss.  It is also has similarities to synephrine which is another form of the stimulant ephedrine - an alkaloid found in bitter orange extracts.  Capsaicin and synephrine are substances that are bitter and “hot” but its raspberry ketone counterpart is sweet.  All three food components are used as the fundamental ingredient in several fat-burning supplements but raspberry ketones works in a different way and none of the irritating effects. 
The raspberry ketone weight loss effect was evident in mice studies done in 2005. During the 10 week research, despite a high fat diet that the mice were subjected to, those that were given varying doses of raspberry ketone lost body weight.  There is also a significant decrease in fat build up in their liver. 
On another mice study, researchers found that raspberry ketone increases the level of adiponectin in the body.  Adiponectin is a protein responsible for regulating glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown.  And as a person gains weight, his or her adiponectin level decreases.  The idea is that by increasing the levels of this protein, the possibility of weight loss is expected because we also increase our body’s ability to breakdown fats and regulate blood glucose levels.
Raspberry ketones are supplements and are meant to aid in weight loss efforts, and while there are people who think it is able to cause weight loss without exercise or dieting, both are still recommended.  And there are others still who say that further testing needs to be done, the initial testing already says a lot as to its effectivity. 

Raspberry ketone is regarded as safe or has a GRAS rating because it is a natural compound that has been used by the food industry for decades. Visit this website to try it for yourself and to get more information.

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