Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dieting with Garcinia Cambogia

While technological advancement has provided our present generation with more opportunity to lead sedentary lifestyles.  We have successfully eliminated the need to “hunt” or “gather” for sustenance, unfortunately, our appetite has significantly increased. There are more billboards and media ads from fast food chains than from restaurants that serve healthy – almost-home-cooked-meals.  No wonder we are getting heavier. 
According to global statistics, there is significant increase in the obese and overweight population even in third world countries.  In Australia, close to 40% of the adult population is dangerously overweight.  The medical community is constantly looking for ways to counter this sedentary lifestyle which the food industry and modern technology has helped influence.
Over the past years, several natural weight loss supplements has made its way to the limelight, thanks to medical shows, the internet and tv shopping.  One of the most effective and affordable natural weight loss supplements that were ever introduced is the Garcinia Cambogia Extract. It is an effective fat blocker and appetite suppressant.

Diet and Garcinia Cambogia
Garcinia Cambogia works with the body towards a healthier weight by inhibiting fat from accumulating even if your diet has high amounts of fats.  The process happens without side effects so you can continue with our daily routine.  This does not mean that you can eat all the fatty food you want.  What it lets you do is to allow your body to use up the fats that is already stored as a source of energy.  The more you use it up by exercising regularly.  Even a  low impact, low intensity work out will do wonders for your weight and general health.
The top contributing factor in weight continuous weight gain is in what we eat.  Lack of exercise is secondary.  So by suppressing fats from accumulating, any form of exercise will be effective.

Healthy Lifestyle by suppressing appetite
Most overweight people are also stressed with work and because they have no time to relax, they get comfort from food, and the most comforting food is usually high fat and energy packed. Garcinia Cambogia eliminates the need for these comfort foods by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. 

Side Effects and Contraindications

Clinical studies show that taking Garcinia Cambogia has no adverse side effects, but manufacturers do not recommend the supplement for pregnant women and people with diabetes.

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